Founder & CEO

   Dr. Honoré DUSABIMANA       


PhD in Business and Economic Consulting

PhD in Commerce: International Trade *

Specialist – Expert Diploma in Counseling Psychology *

Master of Commerce: Accounting and Finance

Master of Business Administration *

Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics


Southern Africa

2014 - Till date              Founder&CEO - Nelisa Global Consultancy Ltd


Nelisa Global Consultancy Ltd specializing in business, economic and education consultancy services operating in Eastern and Southern Africa. Nelisa Global Consultancy Ltd established Excel Research University with the main aim of raising the bar of education and excellence in higher education, research and human development.


In setting up Excel Research University, Dr. Honore’ s paper work included, but not limited to, the following:Business Plan, Strategic Plan, and Financial Projections (5 years); Catalog; University Charter; Manual of Work Procedures; Marketing Plan (3 years); Human Resource Development Policy; University Advancement Plan; University Bylaws; Handbook of Quality Assurance and Research; Handbook of Academic Policies); University Email Policy; Enrollment and Verification System; Health and Safety Policy; Internet Policy; Structural Design: Board, Academic and non-academic staffs; Local Health and Safety Compliance policy; Risk Management Policy; Admission Policy, Employee Handbook and Finance Procedures Policy.


01.2014 - 08.2014          Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor/Academics, Sylva University


Dr. Honoré played a vital role in creating and setting up Sylva University in 2014. He developed (paper work) the main documents by then required by the Ministry of Education for the university accreditation and participated enormously in the management and leadership of the university till the first intake in June – July 2014. Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academic affairs, Dr Honoré created a directorate of Quality Assurance and developed tools/mechanisms for assuring, reinforcing academic quality, and promoting research.


Eastern Africa


01.2013 - 07.2013          - Academic Quality Officer, Kigali Institute of Management                                                         - Lecturer & Supervisor


As Acting Director in charge of Academic Quality Assurance at Kigali Institute of Management;He was responsible of ensuring that:

  • All members of the University community are aware of and support the institution’s approach to quality;
  • An appropriate quality assurance system (a set of quality assurance policies, procedures and performance indicators) is in place to realize the vision and mission of the University;
  • Structures are in place to monitor and review the effectiveness of such policies;
  • The University’s quality assurance system is coordinated, developmentally oriented, and is characterized by minimum bureaucracy and maximum effectiveness.


            Training Consultant, Rwanda Institute of Administration& Management


Train government officials on policy formulation, design and implementation.


09.2012 - 07.2013          Lecturer/Supervisor, Kigali Institute of Management      Lecturer/Supervisor,Rwanda Tourism University College


04.2011- 07.2013:          Business Consultant, Open Consultancy services


  • Markets services by asking for referrals from current clients; meeting prospects at community functions; responding to inquiries; developing promotions; presenting financial planning seminars.
  • Assess clients' financial situation by gathering information regarding investments, asset allocation, savings, tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning; evaluating risk tolerance.
  • Develop financial strategies by guiding client to establish financial goals; matching goals to situation with appropriate financial plans.
  • Obtain clients' commitment by explaining proposed financial plans and options; explaining advantages and risks; providing explanations; alleviating concerns; answering questions.
  • Monitor clients' financial situation by tracking changes in wealth and life circumstances; analyzing financial plan results; identifying and evaluating new financial strategies; recommending changes in goals and plans.
  • Provide financial management information by preparing financial status analyses and reports.
  • Update job knowledge by tracking financial markets, general economic conditions, and new financial products; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional and technical publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  • Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


03.2011- 09.2012           Program Coordinator (PG), Hope Africa University


Honoré was coordinating Postgraduate programs and main duties were:


  • Acts as chief advocate for the program and presents a positive image of the program and the college to both internal and external customers.
  • Meets regularly with the Dean to communicate all activities within area of responsibility.
  • Serves as leader of self-directed work teams consisting of faculty members in program to accomplish the following: recruitment, advising, curriculum and instruction, scheduling and advisory committee.
  • Performs other work as assigned.


08.2010 - 09.2012          Founder/CEO, Club Mix International


Based in Burundi, Club Mix International was established with the main of industrial and professional training, as a platform for Youths & Women Empowerment and capacity building.


06.2010 - 09.2012          Lecturer/Supervisor, Hope Africa University


Part-time lecturer at Leadership International University/ Burundi and Advanced High Institute of Management and Technology/Burundi





11.2009 - 01.2010Intern, A.U Employees’ Credit Society<span style=""font-size:"> 

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